Commercial Policy

Know about the important terms and conditions. Also General queries you might have will find an answer on this page.

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  • Payment Terms

    •  Full payment has to be reach us 10 days before the start date of the trip
    •  For airfare we may request payment in advance in some case even as soon as you confirm the trip
    •  In case of foreign travel there may be changes in currency exchange rates. We will try to reduce such risks but there may be chances that some part of the fluctuation may be passed on to you. We will inform you in advance if this happens
  • Cancellation and refund Terms

    •  Cancellation has to be made at least 5 days before start Date of trip
    •  Airfare refund will depend on airlines policies and will be informed when you receive the ticket
    •  Hotel refunds will depend on hotel policies. While we have arrangements with most of the hotels to get you full refund there are cases where there is a case of partial refund. (e.g. Non Network Hotels, Special dates and peak season)d
    •  Refund from transportation will be almost full except for Rs. 500 that we have to pay to the provider.
    •  Railway refund will be full in case of cancellation before 24 hours and cancellation charges as per railway norms will apply
    •  Duration for refund will depend on realization of amount from provider of service and the mode of payment from customer. For e.g. If original payment was done by credit card the refund happens through payment gateway for credit card used. We may not be able to reimburse you for the time value of the money incurred due to these delays
  • Change in Date/Schedule

    •  Incase of airlines date change fee (Rs. 750) and change in fare will be charged. If ticket is non refundable change will depend on airline policy
    •  For railway and bus, date changes will depend on availability.
    •  Date change may not be much of a problem for taxis, but depending on the vendor there might be some charges which will be indicated on the package
    •  For hotels date change during peak seasons and special dates may incur a rescheduling fee. But we will try to reduce the impact on you
  • Limitation of Liability

    •  We are not liable in case Cancellation or delays of flights and trains, buses by providers. We will try to make alternate arrangements in such cases but there might be extra charges as per situation.
    •  If you miss any of the arrangements due to delays or reasons of your own we may not be liable for any losses. But we will try to reduce the burden - physical and financial for you
    •  Due to any bad weather conditions or bad socio-political situation that crop up suddenly we are not liable to damages. We are always on look out for such disruptions especially in cities where our guests are and if anything comes to our notice we will try to help you.luctuation may be passed on to you. We will inform you in advance if this happens
    •  Please refrain from breaking local laws and getting into trouble with local people as we may not be able to help you in those cases. But we will support if anything is possible
    •  In-case of medical issues other than from those resulting from personal conflicts we will definitely try to help you get help. As for financial liability resulting from these cases you are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance.
    •  In-case of (unlikely) chances of any problems due to our shortcomings we will try to make good any loses and take care of your travel needs. Our liability will be limited to making alternate arrangements in the shortest time or the total value of travel arrangements.
    •  While we take utmost care in the selection of our providers and ensure that they use reliable employees and resources in turn, there are very minor chances of lapses from their side. In such cases we will discontinue the services from them and will try to recover damages from them so we can reimburse you. We are not directly liable for any these lapses.
  • Validity of Terms & Conditions

    •  These conditions may change based on company's policy and customers are advised to read the terms prevailing at the time of booking
    •  These are the general Terms and conditions. Some Promotional offers may not have exactly same terms. In such cases the terms mentioned in the offer will take precedence